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District 9600 openly supported a unique cultural and vocational exchange program which started in 1965, known as Group Study Exchange (GSE). It has now been superseded by Vocational Training Team (VTT). A VTT takes the GSE concept of enabling young professionals to observe their profession in another country a step further by offering participants the opportunity to use their skills to help others. VTT s are a different concept as there is no requirement for an outgoing and reciprocal incoming team.

Funding of a VTT can be achieved through Global Grants or through District Grants. A global grant VTT must align with one or more of the major areas of focus, build the capacity of either the team members or the benefiting community, and have a sustainable and measurable impact. The VTT must be sponsored by Rotary clubs or districts from two countries. The grant may support the travel of more than one team.

Teams may be hosted by Rotarians however it is likely that a specialist VTT may be housed in a single block of accommodation close to the area of the team's principal activity.

Here are some of the prominent features and salient points

1.Both clubs and districts can develop and apply for GLobal grants to fund vocational training under the Future Vision Plan.

2.Teams may either receive or provide training. Capacity building is the key.

3.Either a single team or multiple teams may travel on a global grant. You can determine the number of teams needed for each grant.

4.A Team must consist of at least two members (either Rotarians or non-Rotarians) with at least two years of professional experience in the designated areas of focus and a Rotarian leader who has expertise in the area of focus, international experience, and general Rotary knowledge. In certain cases, the Foundation may grant permission to designate a non-Rotarian as team leader.

5.There are no age restrictions for participants and no maximum team size. Develop your team according to the goals of your grant and the expertise within the identified area of focus.

6.All participants on a single team must have careers linked to the goals of the grant, but they are not required to have the same professions.

7.Vocational training is an opportunity for Rotarian service. Rotarians may participate on vocational training teams that are providing training, if they have the needed skills.

8.Trainings may be developed for any time frame, depending on the scope of the training project.

9.Trainings may take place in a variety of settings, including universities, medical institutions, schools, companies, and community centres. Determine which setting is most appropriate for your training.

10.Teams may be hosted in a variety of places, such as Rotarians' homes, university dormitories, and hotels. Determine what kind of hosting is most appropriate for your team.

11.Costs are flexible. There is no set, catalog cost associated with vocational trainings. Global grants must meet the US$30,000 minimum for total project cost, but this includes the expenses for the vocational training team as well as any other grant activities, such as humanitarian projects, scholarships, or additional teams.

12.A Rotary Foundation District Grant can be used to support a vocational training team that's more like a traditional Group Study Exchange. The vocational training exchange can be with any district (pilot or non-pilot), and teams are not required to train within one of the areas of focus.

Speakers available at club meetings

We have speakers from the recent visits:

If you would like a returned team member to speak at your club please contact Rick Vickers

Like to know what previous VTT and GSE were like?

Here are recent blog sites from the previous teams:

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2009 Italy

2009 New Zealand ttp://

2008 S Africa

2008 Canada

If you have any questions please contact

Rick Vickers   VTT Chair

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