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Every minute, 5 children under the age of 5, die from malnutrition.

Consequently, Food Plant Solutions Rotarian Action Group (FPS RAG) has an ‘Every Child Matters’ approach.

The first 1000 days from conception are critical in a child’s development.  If children do not receive adequate nutrients during this period, they can be irreparably impaired for life 

Formed in 2007, FPS RAG was designed to address malnutrition by using readily available, local foods. It publishes educational materials that help people understand the connection between food and nutrition, and empowers them to grow a range of highly nutritious plants to supply their nutrient requirements.  FPS RAG identifies food plants that are potentially important for a country or region because they are suited to the environment, are high in nutrients and grow with minimal inputs.  This is a self-sustainable solution that empowers people in need, not just for now, but into the future.  

The work is underpinned by the Food Plants International database of edible plants for all countries of the world, developed by Tasmanian agricultural scientist Bruce French AO. This database contains information on over 28,500 edible plants for all countries of the world, arguably the largest of its kind in the world and internationally recognised.  

FPS RAG, often with partners, educates communities, particularly women, on the nutrient value of their local foods.  Most humanitarian projects (housing, water, schools, maternal health, etc.), would be enhanced by adding a FPS component to them.  People who are in dire situations require a sustainable way to grow and access nutritious food.  

A program partner in Vietnam established a school garden and lunch project in two provinces, resulting in a reduction of malnutrition by 80% and 95% respectively in one year. Enrolments also increased due to the success of the program.- 

The key to saving lives is understanding the nutritional value of food and empowering people with this information.  Support materials have or are being developed for over 30 countries.  

Thanks to Rotary and its partners, polio is close to being eradicated.  Like polio, hunger and malnutrition is preventable.  Like polio, Food Plant Solutions needs extensive partnerships.  Like polio, a long-term commitment is needed. 
All Rotarians are called on to follow ‘End Polio Now’ withEnd Malnutrition NOW’ 

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Russ Stephenson

Chair Food Plant Solutions. District 9600

The Rotary Club of Nambour

M: 0409 765 124




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