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Australian Rotary Health


Australian Rotary's largest Community Service project needs your support.

In recent years we have been funding teams undertaking vital research in

  1. Depression
  2. Schizophrenia
  3. Anxiety Disorders
  4. Bipolar Disorder
  5. And other mental illnesses


To promote and encourage financial support for the Fund within our district to ensure continued research by Australians for the betterment of community health.


  1. To review District events for development of local Rotary clubs participation
  2. To encourage clubs to expand their clubs participation and support of ARH
  3. To expand local communities awareness of the work achieved by ARH




Mental Illness
Today, one in five Australians is affected by depression;schizophrenia; bi-polar disorder; eating disorders; or some kind of phobia sometime in their life.

This has led to Mental Illness becoming our major focus.
The ARHRF has pledged to invest in research into mental illness with the aim of funding research projects that will result in better treatment and services. In addition, the fund is helping to raise community awareness of Mental Illness and helping to remove the stigma attached to it. This is being done in two ways; firstly by community service announcements on radio and TV... and secondly through Mental Health information forums.
    Community Forums
    School Forums
    Probus Club Forums
    Workplace Forums

Other Activities
  • Scholarships for Indigenous Australians
This program assists indigenous Australians who are undertaking a health related university course. An annual scholarship of $5,000 - provided jointly by Rotary clubs and the Commonwealth Govt is awarded to the student to try and encourage more indigenous people to become doctors and health professionals.
  • Funding Partners program
Helps provide funds for medical research into areas other than mental illness. If a Rotary club wants to provide a grant for a particular area of research - EG: heart disease. The ARHRF will match that grant.
  • Bowelscan
The highly successful Bowlscan program that has already detected hundreds of cases of bowel cancer in its early, treatable stages, is promoted by the ARHRF.
  • Rural Health Scholarships
A $5,000 scholarship awarded to medical students who are completing a rural placement as part of their under-graduate medical training.
  • Rural Health Grants
$200,000 to be made available for 3 years to support 5 or more research proposals. The funding will support research projects that have the potential to restore or promote the health of Australians living in rural and / or remote areas.
  • Mental Health Services Research Grants
To assist local service providers to have their services evaluated the ARHRF will provide Mental Health Services Evaluation Funding - initially for three years at $500,000 per year.
  • Mental Health Awareness in Primary Schools
The ARHRF is joining with the Australia Govt Dept of Health and Aging; beyond blue - the National Depression Initiative; The Australian Psychological Society and the Australian Principals Association Professional Development Council to deliver an Australian Primary Schools Mental Health Initiative - Kids Matter. To increase support and assistance for students at risk or experiencing mental health problems.

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