Mateo Armando Tengco Caparas, the first and only RI President from Philippines, passed away on July 15 2020. He served RI as President in 1986-87 with the Rotary theme: Rotary Brings Hope

In 1985, Caparas, as RI President-elect, introduced the concept of self-help through the Rotary Village Corps, which was adopted by the RI Board of Directors in 1988. This is the present Rotary Community Corps program (RCC)

During his presidency, he started a campaign to raise $120 million to eradicate polio by 2005. The campaign was able to generate more than $240 million in two years.

Mat was appointed as the chairman of the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) in 1988 by the then President Cory Aquino. He became the agency’s fourth chairman tasked with recovering the stolen wealth of the Marcoses and returning them to the national treasury.

May he Rest in Peace.