Contact: Tino Babao
Applications for NYSF 2022 are now open and will close on 2nd July and the program for incoming year 12 students will run from January 10-25, 2022. Clubs are to notify District of their recommendations by end of July. The  fee to accompany applications is $25.00. The cost of the programme will be $1900. Students requiring Rotary support in funding need to to be endorsed by a Rotary club. Students who are prepared to pay the full cost do not have to be endorsed by a Rotary club. However, self-funding does not guarantee admission to the programme, as all students have to attend an interview organised by rh District Selection Committee. Students in genuine financial hardship may apply for an Equity scholarship of $1000 towards the cost. They may apply for this after they have been selected by the DSC.
NYSF decided that because of the current situation with Covid-19, it would not be feasible to return to the residential programmes for 2022, so it has adopted an expanded version of the hybrid system which proved to be highly successful this year. The Board decision was partly based on the overwhelming approval by the participants. The programme will be digitally based with talks from STEM experts all over Australia including Zoom connections with overseas institutions. There will be 5 days of in-person STEM visits at appointed hubs throughout Australia. Students may attend any hub they wish, but they will be responsible for their own transport and accommodation costs. Regarding the digital talks, students may select to watch only what interests them in the programme.
Contact the organisers in District 9600 using the contact link on the left.