Hancock Auditorium
The Women's College
College Road
The University of Queensland, QLD 4077

"From feeling to healing: embracing emotions in peacebuilding in a pandemic"!

The Class XVIII Rotary Peace Fellows presenting at this seminar are nearing the completion of their Masters in Peace & Conflict degrees at the University of Queensland. Many of the presentations draw not only from their studies, but also from the Applied Fieldwork Experience undertaken over the summer break, which allows our Peace Fellows to extend their professional and practical skills. 

In this way, the Peace Fellow’s Seminar is a vital component of the Fellow’s activities in the Rotary Centre – as it facilitates the building and maintenance of links between the Rotary Centre and Rotarians. The Seminar is a platform for our Fellows to share their experiences with Rotarians first hand, to hear about how their learning has progressed, and the journey they have embarked on both as scholars and practitioners. It is also the University’s way of thanking Rotary for its contributions, support and funding of the program and indeed for its enlightened decision some time ago to work towards world peace, justice and understanding. These values are jointly shared by the University of Queensland, and are reflected in our substantial commitment to the School’s teaching and research program in peace and conflict resolution.

The event will commence at 11:00am (registration from 10:30am) - lunch is complimentary - and concludes at 5:00pm. All guests are invited  to enjoy a cocktail function 5:00pm - 6:00pm with cash bar.

Free street parking available on campus on weekends.