RYDA Road Safety Education Program


This program aims to encourage senior secondary schools/colleges to further their commitment for educating the whole student by providing an opportunity for students to learn essential life skills relating to driving. The program for Year 11 students encourages them to take greater responsibility for themselves and their friends before they face the challenges of driving solo or riding as a passenger with a new driver. RYDA is a one-day program, conducted to highlight crucial road safety messages. Supporting the graduated licensing scheme, the program focuses on the key government big five road safety issues of:

  1. driving faster than the speed limit;
  2. driving under the influence of alcohol;
  3. driving when fatigued;
  4. the use of seatbelts; and
  5. the effects of driver distractions.
The importance of driving as a social responsibility as well as a right is emphasised throughout the program. Venues for Rotary Clubs to conduct RYDA programs for local schools/colleges have been established in the District and RYDA programs can be conducted throughout the school year.
Program Chair: Neville Woodforth
Rotary Club of Caloundra Pacific
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